recycle 100 of home air with 3 plants

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Inhaling fresh, clean and naturally filtered air is extremely important for your health. Now, researcher Kamal Meattle presents to you a new way of recycling air 100% in a sustainable manner, by placing strategically a few green plants in your home or office. 

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Your brain is the most important engine of your system together with your heart, so you need to take good care of it. Paying great attention to overall health of your body and mind will help you live much happier and longer.
Bad habits that may be good for health

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All we have bad habits. Drink too much coffee, skip taking our vitamins, or sometimes not being able to sleep without a pill. Actually, many of these bad habits can prove to have the contrary effect and have a positive action on our health. How could that be possible? Continue reading...
20 remedies you can find in your kitchen

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Headaches, muscle pain, toothaches are all discomforting and painful, and many times you can find the remedy in your kitchen. You don’t need to run to the local pharmacy, or worry about a doctor visit.

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Having a bad posture can cause serious long term problems for your health. The bones are not properly supported, and you may end up with neck issues, headaches and many other surprises.. There are several things you can do to correct bad posture.

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Coffee and tea are currently the most popular and loved beverages, and there is plenty of research showing that both these wonder drinks do good to you in different ways.

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Most of our lives as humans we were lived on our feet hunting or running from enraged mammoth. But thanks to TV, computers and office work, we were sitting down more than ever before in history: 9.3 hours a day, even more time than we spend sleeping (7.7 hours in average). Our bodies were not build for that and we get many problems.
tips to save on healthy eating budget

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The following are 7 Ways to Eat Good While on a Hood Budget. But bottom line always remember, we can pay now or pay later (in suffering and doctor bills etc) when it comes to our dietary discipline and choices.